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Friday, April 13, 2012

Brera Orologi

Giuliana Rancic wearing a BRERA OROLOGI rose gold Isabella tonal watch on tonights E! News (4.12.12). The watch retails for $650 and is sold at Neiman Marcus nationwide.
Photo Courtesy: of E! News

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Laura Vela

She is currently based in New York, Laura Vela will be attending a number of the Fashion Week shows and offering her perspective on the upcoming season.

The Fall/Winter 2012 collection of Laura Vela was inspired by her time in Barcelona. The structured shapes and clean lines, combined with earth hues and pop jewel tones express a period when she was determining her path in life.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jewels by Sogol

Jewels, launched in 2006 by Sogol Zabihi has been widely known for the uniqueness of each of its items. Being influenced by traditional Middle eastern art, Jewels gives women a sense of royal luxury.

From earrings to bracelets, rings to necklaces, Jewels items are made with Swarovski crystals, gold-plated and finely hand painted in Italy that exquisitely elaborates its beauty. With the large variety of styles, Jewels provides women of all fashion tastes with a uniqueness.

The new collection is winter based. The limited edition earrings are in neutral colors and sophisticated in design. Gold and bold with splashes of blue, green,black,pearl and brown are a dedication for theedgy side of women.

Site:Jewels by Sogol

Photos courtesy: Jewels by Sogol

Friday, August 26, 2011

Interview with Ethan K

Who is Ethan?
I am unusual in that the art of working with exotic skins is in my DNA. The tanning business has been in my family for four generations and so I have profound knowledge and a passion for leathers.
I have access to the very finest materials and craftsman and I have created my own path, away from the family business, todesign and create bags for men and women as ETHAN K.
With my house ETHAN K, there is genuine substance – you not only get the very best, most beautiful hand crafted materials, I will personally help you realise your dream bag, holdall or brief case. Tell me what you need, your desires and I will oversee the bespoke creation process so you end up with something you will truly love and treasure. My bespoke service allows each bag to be individual to its owner – from its colour and size to it function. ETHAN K is as much about the experience as the final product.
Who inspired you?
I have lived and breathed the art of working with exotic skins since I was a boy. In the beginning of the 1900s my Great Grandfather was a trader travelling the world. He learned the art of exotic leather tanningfrom the British and developed the skill and attention of a master craftsman. He passed on the care and knowledge he acquired to my grandfather and then my father. My father's tannery – originally at the back of the family home where I grew up – seeing all the craftsmen at work with the beautiful, colourful leathers inspired me to work with exotic skins and design bags.
My designs are inspired by people, places and for my latest collections Wildlife Odyssey, I referenced the flora and fauna of South East Asia where I grew up. My creativity is inspired by so many different things.
What is your design process?
I have designs I can customise but also many of my clientele choose to use my bespoke service.
For ETHAN K Bespoke, I spend time getting to know my clients, understanding what they like and need. I pride myself on giving them a result that is perfect for them in function and form – as well as provoking a genuine emotional connection.
I offer a range of finishes – from the external colour through to the lining; the style of fittings and pocket detail, through to overall shape and style.
What have been some of your favorite bag pieces you have created and why?
The ETHAN K Olga was one of my first ever designs and it's incredibly popular. It began life as my own personal laptop case but a journalist saw it and suggested folding it over to be a beautiful, soft and unstructured clutch. You can use the Olga three ways – as a laptop case, as a messenger bag or as a clutch. Some of my clients like me to add studs as well to give it a more urban edge.
From my new collection Wildlife Odyssey, I love the hedgehog minaudiere. The clasp is hand crafted in a Tuscan atelier, the eyes are made from semi precious gemstone and for me the hedgehog oozes vitality and grace – he’s a nimble explorer – and I love its shape, its spines.
How do you define your style?
Someone who appreciates true craftsmanship, exceptional quality, beauty, substance – and stories.
My clients have an interest in fashion, a strong sense of personal style and are connoisseurs of luxury. They are as young as 20 and go through to men and women in their 60s or 70s.
My new ETHAN K Wildlife Odyssey evening bags are quite playful and whimsical which I think will perhaps appeal to young women but an appreciation of the very best is ageless.
What is next?
I graduated from the London College of Fashion in July so now I can really focus ETHAN K and build a strong base of clientele to whom I give a very personal service. I am based in London but my customers are international.
Biggest Dream?
My family history and personal story is rare and I believe interesting. Sadly today many artisan skills are in demise so as a young man of 24 years old, with access to the finest materials from my father's tannery in Singapore, ateliers who hand craft my bags in Tuscany, I am in an exceptional position. I want to ensure these crafts continue to thrive and eventually pay homage to them all, my family with a bag museum. That would be my ultimate dream!
Style for you is…
It's about confidence and not being afraid to embrace colour and quality. Style is very personal and should be celebrated as such – mixing and matching and expressing your individuality.
What is your main goal right now?
To educate on the rare and precious world of exotic skins so that customers are able to recognise the very best. And to build an exclusive club of ETHAN followers who appreciate luxury in its most true sense – provenance, heritage and exceptional experiences.
Where we can buy your brand? Do you deliver to México?
Through and referrals, I serve clients from all over the world. I also offer capsule collections via Quintessentially Gifts and CoutureLab.
Mexico is an exciting market – I love your natural flamboyance and celebration of colour – so who knows what the future might hold?
Molén: Thanks for your time :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interview with Kine and Einy Paulsen: Ingri: Dahl

Name: Ingri:Dahl is the company/brand name. The founders are Kine and Einy Paulsen

Brand: The brand name Ingri:Dahl is named after two of our childhood heroes, actress Ingrid Bergmann and author Roald Dahl.


Where do you live? We have lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years, but we were born and raised in Norway.

What is INGRI:DAHL? It is a brand that designs 3D glasses. All of our glasses are inspired by old Hollywood.

What is your main goal right now? What’s next? Right now we are in the process of adding more styles to the label. We are working on making shades that will make people feel and look fashionable while watching 3D. We are also working on finding ways to make the 3D industry more sustainable and green by shifting the focus of glasses being disposable to more of a statement piece that you personally own and bring to the 3D experience. What most people don’t know is that owning a personal pair of 3D glasses indeed allows the customer to avoid harmful bacteria that have been spread through repeated use of the glasses provided by the theater.

The biggest dream? To be synonymous with fashion in 3D :) We want our customer to feel that we added a little extra to their everyday life and to their 3D experience.

How do you define your style? The style is inspired by the old Hollywood era. There are also elements of the clean lines that Norwegian and Scandinavian design is so famous for.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? Coco Chanel and Valentino

Your icons? James Dean, Steve McQueen, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable and the list goes on :)

Elegance is to us someone that is comfortable in their own skin without taking themselves too seriously in life. Our product is for us just that.

What inspires you? Many things! But especially important for us is to bring old Hollywood style back to the present, or the future if you like. The movies and pictures from that era are so magical and elegant, and we believe life should be just that.

What is fashion for you? Fashion for us is the small details that make the everyday life a little more glamorous. We hope that our customers will have that extra magic added while they watch 3D and that the feeling of expressing their individuality and remain fashionable leads to this.

Choose 3 words to describe yourself. Chic, Classic and Characteristic

Molén: Thank You!

Kine Paulsen

Co-founder, Ingri:Dahl

Twitter: @ingridahl


Photos courtesy: Ingri: Dahl

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Molen: Could you tell us who is Christelle ?
Christelle Traoré is a young French designer living in Berlin. She runs the zo-Landing label since 2007.
How did you begin making jewelry?
Christelle: I´ve always been creating any kind of things; clothes, accessories, small furnitures... but most of the time, it was more customisation. I was not able to buy and wear a dress as it was, I used to add my personnal touch. Five years ago, I contacted serious and renown craftsmen ateliers in Paris to learn the basics (work of precious metals, exotic leathers and sewing). Until the day I decided I had got enough « savoir-faire » to create by myself, from the drawning to the realisation. Jewelry was for me the good fashion field to begin. Because I thought there was a place for designers like me, for something new. I wanted to bring a new message on the accessories scene.
Which materials do you use?
The real Peculiarities of my work come from the materials I use and the special rough finish I choose. I use very rare exotic leathers such as shark, galuchat, carp, python... It´s very rare to find creations with these leathers. It asks me a deep and constant research of suppliers. A difficulty comes because the suppliers must be subjected to the Convention of Washington for the conservation of the species. And I am very severe on the traceability of my leathers.
What is zo-Landing?
zo-Landing is the creative universe I express in the fashion field threw jewels and accessories like handbags. It´s made for men and women looking for something different with a wild and sophisticated touch. I also propose one-of-a-kind special orders. When you wear a zo-Landing creation, you know you wear something special and it makes people curious.
Who inspired you ?
I don´t have any muse or égerie. My inspiration comes from the beauty of leathers and my passion for fashion and design. I´m also sensible to contemporary art as my man runs an art galery in Berlin.
Do you have any new projects?
Yes, I will show the W11 collection during Paris Fashion Week in March. It´s an exciting project beause every designers would like to show there.
Do you deliver to México?
Of course, you can buy online and we deliver worldwide. The website is available in French and in English.

Thank you very much,Christelle

Molen: Thanks to you

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lilah Gabriel::Interview

Hi Jessica and Jason thanks for accepted the interview
Molen: 1.Could you tell Us about Lilah Gabriel
Jessica and Jason: LilahGabriel is a marriage of jewelry and fashion, literally and figuratively. Chunky knits of silks and metals to thinner knits, draped in chain, freshwater pearls, agate, jasper, onyx and Swarovski crystal all make up the LilahGabriel collection. From classic to complex, LilahGabriel covers every look for every woman.

2. Who are Jessica and Jason McMahon
The line is designed by Jason and Jessica McMahon, husband and wife and highly fashionable and always curious. Jessica is an accomplished fashion designer and stylist having worked in both New York and Texas. Jason is an incredible and detailed jewelry designer with over 10 years of experience. He has designed custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of high end clients.

3.I saw all the collection and I loved Aimee piece so how you created it?
We LOVE Aimee. It is a fantastic piece. Custom cut royal purple silk charmeuse and lipstick red silk crepe, and stainless steel chain make up this amazing 2 tone bracelet.

4. Who inspire you?
We are inspired by so much! Art, architecture, film, etc inspire us as well as fashion. As of now, our most inspirational designers would be Sandra Backlund and Ted Noten.

5. Could you give us a fashion accessory trend for ss2011
Volume and layers.

Molen: Thanks again

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashion art

Judith Leiber Beehive clutch $5,295 -

Yellow, brown, topaz and gold hand-painted and crystal-embellished beehive-shaped clutch with gold-tone hardware and trim. Judith Leiber clutch has bee details, a chain handle that can be hidden inside the bag, push-lock closure at top.
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