Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview with Fabrizia Spinelli: Cosa mi metto???

Name: Fabrizia Spinelli

Birthday: 26.12.1986

Blog: http://cosamimetto.blogspot.com/ The title of my blog's translation means "What shall I wear?" Day after day I found myself looking for an answer to the fateful question, so I decided to "collect all my answers" in a blog!

Fashion is : the way everyone feel about themselves, and so the way everyone decide to show his personality to the others.

I became a fashion blogger because I love to share my personal opinion about fashion, my way to dress, and because I like to receive opinions and advices about it.

My style is elegant, quite clean and simple.

Favorite Fashion Designers: is that obvious to answer Karl Lagerfeld? He is the art director of what for me is the most elegant fashion house ever. I also love an italian fashion designer, Elisabetta Franchi (Celyn B): her clothing are always new, fresh and original, with class of course.

All time style icon: Coco Chanel, the timeless icon of elegance, and Brigitte Bardot, feminine and sexy but always with simplicity.

Fashion tip: The best way for someone to look his best, do non depends only by what he is wearing, but is about feeling great in his clothes.

I love: The city where I used to live: Roma, the city where I'm living now: Napoli, every single city and places I visited, every city and places I dream about. I do love travelling.

I dislike: doing things I love in hurry way! Like answering this question for example: it take a lot of time because I like it!!!On my rooms wall I have a big screen television.

Color: I love everyone of the colors, my favorite is the one that everyday reflect my mood.

Music: I love every kind of music, but in the last period I appreciate italian music.

Fashion Week I want to assist: I would love to assist to the New York fashion week, I think it would be a great experience to me!

Am in love with: every single pair of my shoes!!!! And my husband of course :D !!!!!

I want to change: in my life? Actually..nothing: I'm so proud and satisfied about how it's going..

Projects for future: is not a project for the immediate, but I would love tho enlarge my family.

Molén: Thank YOU!


  1. Great interview!! I follow her blog, and she´s so pretty and stylih.

  2. great look/interview! What a fantastic interview series!

  3. Lovely interview! Fabrizia is a stylish & chic blogger and I'm always inspired by her blog!
    Dressology HQ

  4. Great interview!! You know what to ask and she what to answer.

  5. Love her!
    If you are intrested in serbian blogs pass by to my blog.
    Compliments for yours!

  6. Thanks to all
    @sada : me too
    @Enara: Thank YOU
    @lili Rahilka : of course i love servian blogs