Friday, January 22, 2016

RETAIL MARKETING: Assignment for Vogue Teen and Parsons

I just visited Mango and Zara stores and I noticed that both stores keep the latest collection were placed in displays and kept in the front of the sores to attract buyers. 
Both brands has similar strategy cause the layouts are based on the latest collection and the latest trends. Both stores has a beautiful enviroment and the lighting is similar, maybe is because both of them are from european designers.
Inditex (zara) know the costumer better than others brands. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Working in Fashion Media: Assignment Your audience

Hi! everyone for my course Working in Fashion Media. I need to show how many readers, shares and at what time is the better tiem to visit my blog. But I have a big issue because I have two blogs.. This one and Signorina Molén at El Tiempo Newspaper. I know at el El Tiempo de Bogóta I have a lot of readers and this blog was made with love but just for  hobbie.

I tried to add my blog from el tiempo at hootsuite but was not possible.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Assignment Instructiosn: Your Product

For the final step creating the envelope bag. I decided to use muslin from a previous assignment. I also use muslin to the stripe method. 
Muslin was not a good idea to use cause is not a strong fabric for a purse. Maybe the best fabric would be leather.

One Yard of muslin $3.99
Sewing Thread Cotton $ 7.99
.5 hours @$9         $4.50
Total production cost $16.48
20% profit $3.29
Total cost pulus profil $19.77
Estimated retail price $ 25.00